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Project and Task Management

  • High Level or Detailed Project Planning
  • To Do lists for team members
  • Client Ready Status reports and Gantt charts

Matter Pricing and Budgeting

  • Top down or bottom up
  • Can link to project plan
  • Fully integrated with billing system
  • Supports all the complexities of large law firm budget models

Matter and Portfolio Financial Monitoring

  • Near real-time matter financials
  • Budget to actual reporting and alerts
  • View single matter or custom portfolios

Client Ready Reporting and Analysis

  • Professional reports branded around your firm
  • Pivot analysis for matters and portfolios
  • Schedule reports and notifications around client expectations

Custom Matter Scoping and Attribute Forms

  • User configurable forms designer
  • Supports client or matter-specific capture of scope, attributes, contacts, dates, or any information needed
  • Empowers lawyers to fully meet the needs and expectations of clients