Put the Professional-in-Charge, In Charge of their Matter

One of the largest demands of a law firm’s clients is being kept informed on the progression and status of their matters.  That means professionals in charge need to have immediate and clear information at their fingertips, and tools to obtain that information must be straightforward if not obvious.

With that in mind, Planning Blox is excited to introduce our new module for establishing notifications and timely matter updates.  The module utilizes a tactile and streamlined interface to handle everything simply, with no training required.  Professionals in charge of matters can subscribe and setup notifications across all their matters, and/or matter by matter or within a portfolio of matters. 

There is no complex querying, rule building, unintuitive formula development, or un-familiar and confusing content.  The user is presented with choices from the categorized blocks of notification types; they simply drag the block they want to their list of active alerts and set any unique thresholds that may apply.  

Planning Blox provides dozens of notifications out of the box, categorized into Metrics, Time & Disbursements, Billing & Payments, and Informational Updates.  These notifications are available for any matter regardless of whether a budget/plan is in place.  Notifications can be delivered within the application and/or via email formatted for device readability.

This means a firm can roll out Planning Blox for notifications and client-ready reporting without the need to rollout full-scale budgeting and/or LPM processes.  The result is immediate, easy end-user self-service, providing instant value to professionals and their clients, with a rapid implementation and integration with the firms’ existing billing and time entry systems.

Notification rules and content are entirely configurable to handle any situation and can be established to look across any database.  Additional notification types are easy to add, with no software updates required.  The on-screen and email-based output are also fully customizable to match a firm’s branding and desired content.

Keep your clients informed and get ahead of any billing compliance concerns with zero-touch alert subscriptions for new matters.  Add in our easy-to-schedule, firm-branded client-ready reports to deliver to the professional in charge of a matter all the information they need to manage a matter’s status and communicate consistently to their clients.

Contact Planning Blox for a quick demo and to learn how easy it is to deliver value to professionals and clients.