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  • Project Planning and Matter Pricing

    Construct plans and matter budgets the way you desire and the way you really work, whether top-down, granular, or using innovative Scoping Checklists.  Input known scope and assumptions to get started, and revisit throughout the lifecycle of the project.

    • Innovative "block" concept allows for easy planning and re-use
    • Pull blocks from scoping checklists and/or prior matters
    • Scoping assumptions allow for easy component costing
    • Attach DMS links and notes anywhere
    • Budget any type of fee arrangement
    • Analyze predicted profitability and related factors
    • Integrates with billing systems for rates, resources and all transactional data
  • Project Management

    Flexible project management allows for centralized or distributed project plan updates and feedback.

    • Easily track percent complete from within the project or on cross-project dashboard widgets
    • Assign/re-assign tasks to individuals by project role
    • Project team members  can view assigned tasks on dashboard and provide completion/notes feedback, and provide time entry directly tied to project and integrated with billing systems
    • Innovative timecard integration processing allocates time to tasks, and can even predict task completion
  • Project Financial Management

    Integrate with billing systems to bring in updated financial data, rates, and master tables.

    • Dashboards show a user's entire personal portfolio and important financial data, even for projects/matters with no Planning Blox plans or budgets
    • Multiple automated allocation methods of time/disbursement details for accurate budget-to-actual tracking
    • Monitor predicted and actual profitability throughout
    • Subscribe to alerts for any number of financial related events
    • Full multi-currency design
    • Enable workflows for budget approvals
  • Resource Forecasting and Availability

    Innovative forecasting and resource availability analysis throughout the system:

    • Billable resources can view assigned tasks on a forecast calendar
    • The forecast calendar provides a truly simple and efficient interface for weekly and monthly utilization and availability forecasts
    • Analyze availability within a project as resources are selected/assigned
    • Analyze predicted utilization and availability across the organization
    • Monitor potential assignments for prospective projects
  • Role Based Dashboards

    Role based views for executives, project managers and general resources:

    • Widget library allows for subscription to relevant widgets for each user/role
    • Dashboards show alerts and workflow items
    • Data and ethical walls security is built in to deliver the right data to each user
    • Configurable to meet the needs/calculations of each customer
  • Project Portfolio Management

    Create project portfolios to meet any need:

    • Create and manage budgets at a portfolio level for any monitoring or budgeting purpose
    • Assign projects to portfolios manually or using rules
    • Effective date project participation in portfolios
    • Assign projects to multiple portfolios
    • Innovative portfolio pages allow for easy analysis
  • Bid Management

    Whether providing the project service or procuring it, Planning Blox allows the user to manage the process:

    • Service providers can track bids, win/loss, and reasons
    • Service consumers, particularly corporate legal departments, can dictate the project constructs to be used for bids, and compare multiple bids, all via Planning Blox
    • Service consumers can better predict outsourced project costs using scoping checklists and component costs
  • Collaboration

    Collaborate within an organization or among providers/consumers of project services:

    • Easily share status, notes and deliverables within the organization or with service partners
    • Periodically publish project status and financial data to customers
    • Enforce billing guidelines and project governance based on the customer's rules
  • SaaS and Ease of Implementation

    Use Planning Blox in the Cloud or as an on-premise install.  We've got you covered either way.

    • Data security is paramount, and is built in throughout
    • Get started with Planning Blox in minutes for immediate project use, or integrate with your billing system, docket system, PTO, etc., for enterprise class software
    • Whether SaaS or on-premise, Planning Blox can be quickly implemented, requiring minimal internal implementation resources


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