Comprehensive Matter Pricing and Legal Project Management, Internal and External

Matter Pricing and Bid Management

Manage Internal and External Matters


  • Prepare project structures and related scoping checklists that predict matter pricing based on component level tasks and resources.
  • Predict pricing of internally/externally worked matters before they begin.

Bid Management

  • Solicit bids based on your proposed project structure and assumptions.
  • Outside counsel bid on your projects via Planning Blox.
  • You can now compare apples to apples, regardless of fee structure.


Use history of internal, external, and accepted/unaccepted bids to analyze component costs, bid accuracy and success factors


  • Manage internal matters using easy Legal Project Management features.
  • Distribute to-do's to team; empower them to feedback completion, notes, and documents to plan.
  • Use innovative resource forecasting for internal availability analysis.
  • View matter status from external counsel via Planning Blox collaboration.
  • View budget-to-actual and scope changes long before the actual bill date.

Stakeholder Communications

  • Communicate external/internal spend to internal stakeholders and ultimate customers.
  • Communicate matter status throughout the life of the matter.
  • Alert stakeholders to potential scope changes earlier in the matter lifecycle.



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